Doublewin International Corp.
Canada's scrap metal buyer


About Us...


Doublewin International is primarily involved in processing of non-ferrous metals, ferrous metals (mainly manganese steels) and waste plastics. We buy industrial scraps, process them into reusable forms and supply the recycled materials to our customers. We export a substantial tonnage of materials to mainland China. We are recognized as an overseas supplier enterprise of imported scrap materials (AQSIQ) by the Chinese authority.

Doublewin International Corp. is fast growing and has built good relationships with suppliers and customers around the world. We offer our suppliers competitive prices and make timely payments guaranteed by our solid capital reserve.

Doublewin International will continue to make every effort to be outstanding in the material recycling market and is willing to take every step to build long term partnerships with potential suppliers and customers.


Toronto Office Address:

10 Gail Grove, Toronto, ON M9M 1M4, Canada

Tel : (416)748-8388

Fax: (416)748-8399